But at CAU ofcourse!

In England there is a lot of chicken and less beef … In France, we say that to make a man happy he needs beef and potatoes! This is also the subject of many jokes. Beyond the humor, it’s a real fact! :)

So I let you imagine our faces when we arrived here and when we saw all these chicken rays and less choices about beef.

But fortunately on a walk in the city we discovered a great restaurant: CAU. Their cuisine is delicious § It’s a mix of food from Italy and Spain, with the love for Argentine’s beef.

Their menu offers many meats, but we were selected burgers and more specifically the “Cheese & Bacon Burger”.


Appetizing isn’t it?
As good as beautiful I assure you! We enjoyed it so much, than in 4 month we already came 3 times ! I think that we found our spot! :]

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