As usual, we wake up with a yellow, soft and warm color in the room. A color of a great light, without opening the curtains we knew what kind of weather it was outside… A beautiful one ! One of those days that reminds us that spring is coming … soon !

So we took the opportunity to go out and continue to explore the city of Guildford. The sneakers feet, the big scarf around my neck and my camera under the arm and hop ! We went outside. Go to the south and the River Wey!


The river has long been used as an energy source for factories. The river is navigable in Guildford since the 17th century and has many trade with other cities.


We walk along the canals, listening to the birds sing and enjoying the splendid colors.


We walked up to see the top of a hill a ruin : St Catherine’s Chapel. We climbed the hill where we had a fantastic view of the surroundings.

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Then we took the path to the center of Guildford, still walking along the River Wey.


We stopped in front of Edwin Russell sculpture inspired by the work of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland”. I’ll tell you in an another article the relationship between the author and this city!

The pedestrian was reassembled in the city, to take a break and drink a hot chocolate in one of the two Starbucks of the city and after that, we went back to the apartment!

Nice walk is not it?
And you, how was your Sunday?

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