About me

When I was a child I imagined myself as a Lawyer, an Archaeologist, these jobs who make me dream. But I always wanted to be a writer… Growing up made me realize that life is full of surprises and I will never follow just one road. My life has many facets: gluttony, geekery, readings, games, and especially : dreams and idealism. A human being in all its glory, with my fears, my anxieties, but I treat myself, I decided not to let my fears control me : I prefer to try and don’t regret anything !

Professionally I am a Social Media Manager and Copywriter. I’m french and since last November I’m an expatriate in England. I live now in Guildford. It’s a new adventure that I decided to live fully ! :]

Whatever the city where I live, whatever the job I’m doing, my ambitions are to capture and live these moments that make us throb … To meet people, share, communicate, learn and laugh … And here I am telling you all this! I hope you enjoy my world and you will feel good ! (and that you will excuse my english :p)

Happy reading :)